Top 5 Blockchain Certifications in 2024

The Blockchain technology reshaping the future. Across the globe, there is an unmatched demand for blockchain developers, according to industry reports. So, the top blockchain certifications are all professionals need to have to enhance their careers.

Blockchain technology is forecast to increase nearly 1000 Trillion US dollars by 2032 as per the market research forecast. It showcases how this technology is in demand ( 

Due to the rise of Web3 adoption the demand of Blockchain professionals has increased and this is where best blockchain certifications are needed for individuals. Certified Blockchain Developer Journey will give you the best learning path to understand how you should get certified. 

Best Blockchain Certifications in 2024

1. Blockchain Professional Certification

The Certified Blockchain Professional Program designed by GSDC contributes to blockchain technology via rigorous examinations. It covers essential topics such as blockchain fundamentals, applications, security and regulations. The certification serves as the recognition of an individual’s credibility and proficiency in the field.  

Program Overview: Certified Blockchain Professional Program empowers individuals to make significant contributions in the evolving world of blockchain implementation projects. Through this program individuals will successfully work with blockchain for disruptive business models. 

Who is it for: Product managers, ICT professionals, Blockchain engineers and end users, Business owners and technologists, database administrators and entrepreneurs. 

Eligibility Requirements: A bachelor’s degree and working experience in Blockchain Field. 

Cost: $200

Program Highlights

  • This certification recognized over 100 countries.
  • It allows professionals to pursue diverse opportunities in the blockchain industry.  
  • It drives innovation with the blockchain for disruptive business models.  

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2. Blockchain Architect Certification

GSDC’s Blockchain Architect Certification stands as the testimony for professionals’ expertise in the field of blockchain architecture. Through this, professionals can demonstrate their wealth of knowledge and practical skills in designing, implementing blockchain solutions.

Program Overview: This credential helps professionals with the development knowledge of blockchain, mastering blockchain architecture fundamentals for innovative solutions. Through this professional will become proficient in blockchain consensus mechanisms. 

Who is it for:  Solution architect, product managers, ICT professionals, technologists, blockchain engineers. 

Eligibility Requirements: A bachelor’s degree and working experience in Blockchain Field. 

Cost: $300

Program Highlights

  • This credential boosts credibility as the certified blockchain architect.
  • It drives the digital transformation via blockchain innovation. 
  • This certification has lifetime validity and doesn’t require any renewal. 

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3. Blockchain Ethereum Developer Certification

The Ethereum development practices, blockchain technology skills, operations, and knowledge provided by GSDC’s Certified Blockchain Ethereum Developer are excellent ways to demonstrate a career in Blockchain development.

Program Overview: The Blockchain Ethereum Developer Certification helps professionals to access the high demand blockchain career opportunities. It also contributes to their professional career by empowering impactful blockchain projects. 

Who is it for:  Programmers, Developers, Application architects, Blockchain engineers, Crypto-currency enthusiasts, Software Engineers. 

Eligibility Requirements: A bachelor’s degree and working experience in Blockchain Field. 

Cost: $300

Program Highlights

  • Brings the opportunity to work with cutting-edge blockchain technologies. 
  • Provides the ability to design, develop and deploy secure decentralized applications.
  • Increased earning potential and salary growth.

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4. Blockchain HyperLedger Developer Certification

The Blockchain HyperLedger Developer Certification is one of the highly desirable credentials provided by GSDC for individuals who aim to advance their career in blockchain technology. 

Program Overview: This credential helps professionals to stay at the forefront of this transformative technology and empower themselves and works as the solid foundation to explore exciting opportunities in the blockchain industry. 

Who is it for:  Programmers, Developers, Application architects, Blockchain engineers, Crypto-currency enthusiasts, Software Engineers. 

Eligibility Requirements: A bachelor’s degree and working experience in Blockchain Field. 

Cost: $300

Program Highlights:

  • It helps to acquire knowledge and practical skills in Bootstrapping the Network.
  • It develops the proficiency in Hyper ledger fabric v1.1 structure.
  • Professionals will get hands-on experience in writing effective chain code. 

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5. Blockchain For Business Professional Certification

The GSDCs Blockchain for Business Professional Certification is designed for harnessing the power of blockchain technology in today’s world. 

Program Overview: Business Professional Certification helps professionals with Hyperledger Technologies to assess and seize transformational opportunities. It contributes in developing enterprise-focused use cases and generates the solid blockchain business case. 

Who is it for:  Product managers, Aspirants aiming for a career in the prospective field, Banking professionals and financial analysts, etc. 

Eligibility Requirements: A bachelor’s degree and working experience in Blockchain Field. 

Cost: $200

Program Highlights:

  • Improves the professional credibility and reputation.
  • Unleashes earning potential with the specialized blockchain expertise.
  • This credential also validates the mastery of Hyper ledger technologies. 

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How to Choose the Top Blockchain Certifications for You?

1. Begin with the certifications for professionals:

Make sure to have a clear idea in your mind about what skills and knowledge you are seeking for. Explore different certifications, go through their benefits and other components. Do analysis and then go with the best blockchain certification.

2. Have Clear objectives:

This is the essential aspect of selecting the best blockchain certification. Make sure you have a clear objective which will be fulfilled by the certification. Here, GSDC’s Blockchain Certification is a great choice for you as it covers all aspects and latest methodologies which will be beneficial for your professional growth. 

Get certification from a reputable platform:

Another crucial recommendation for selecting the top blockchain certifications. Consider going with the GSDC as their certifications are recognized by over 100 countries. They also got positive reviews from their candidates, so make sure to go through it. 

If  you want to get the best job in Blockchain make sure to explore Top Blockchain Developer Interview Questions in 2024. It will help you with interview preparation. 

Benefits of Top Blockchain Certifications

1. High Salary:

Blockchain has been termed as the great job of the 21st Century. Blockchain design and development is the demanding skill in the IT job market today, growing by over 60% since this time last year and putting it on stride to be the new cloud technology. Having the online blockchain certification will be beneficial for you as professionals can gain up to $220,000. Also the salary is valid based on the job roles under the Blockchain. 

2. Better exposure to latest tech:

The best blockchain certification is the strong factor for professionals boasts regarding and it has far better exposure to this technology as compared to others. This will help to reduce skill and knowledge gap through offering the best available resources and validates in the industry helps you to get exposed to the new technology trends. 

3. Rising trend of job opportunities:

As per the report of MarketsandMarkets the Blockchain market size is expected to grow to USD 39.7 Billion in 2025. It showcases that the job market will see rapid growth internationally and Blockchain developers and other related professionals will be in great demand. 

4. Certification can help people to make better investments in Cryptocurrency:

With the help of online blockchain certification you will get a comprehensive understanding of Blockchain and it will help you to make better investments and trades in cryptocurrency. It will improve your confidence and offer the essential skills for better hiring opportunities.

5. It’s the future technology:

Many technocrats and Blockchain Experts believe that it’s the technology of the future. So, businesses like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google are incorporating decentralized technologies into their business models, so it’s clear that this technology is going to bring significant changes and evolution.  


Through the above details you should understand the essentialness of best blockchain certifications. Such certificates aren’t only limited to exploring the jobs but they also help to develop confidence and ensure competitive advantage as compre to other individuals. 


What are the key features of the Blockchain Certification?

The key features of blockchain certification contain immutability, faster settlement, decentralized systems, etc. 

Why is blockchain certification important?

One of the significant benefits of blockchain for digital certificates is the hieghtnened security it brings. It adds value in your expertise and helps you to get the best job in the field. 

What qualification do I need to have to enroll for blockchain certification?

To enroll for top blockchain certification you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer and working experience in the Blockchain Field. 

How will blockchain certificates benefit my career? 

Best Blockchain certifications helps you to validate your skills, knowledge and practices and also help you to get better job opportunities and salary hikes. 

Is blockchain a high paying job?

Blockchain Engineer falls under the category of the highest paying blockchain jobs where average salary is around $175,000 per year. 

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