Top 4 Reasons To Choose AI Certification

How much of the office works we are doing manually nowadays?

Be it interaction with customers or scheduling an interview, we are automating each and every task nowadays. It all started from a workshop at Dartmouth College on a fine summer morning of 1956. From then, the concept of AI has traveled through so many rocky roads, the researchers lost their funding because the sponsorers thought of their research as an unrealistic one and most likely to hit a dead end. But, In the 1980s a form of AI program called “expert systems” was adopted by corporations around the world and knowledge became the focus of mainstream AI research. In those same years, the Japanese government aggressively funded AI with its fifth-generation computer project. Another encouraging event in the early 1980s was the revival of connectionism in the work of John Hopfield and David Rumelhart. Finally, AI had proved itself.

From that day AI has come a long way. And now, AI is almost automating the entire world. But the question here is, the way AI has an impact in the world’s future does AI certification has the same impact on your future?

In this blog, we are going to tell you the advantages of AI Certification. Before we start with that, let us tell you a little bit about the future of AI as well. 

In 2018, AI oracle and future capitalist Dr. Kai-Fu Lee stated- “AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity”.Sounds a little hard to believe? Well, let’s find out how does the future look like.

The Future Of AI:

Till now, the most common application of AI that you have seen are mostly chatbots and virtual assistant. Isn’t it? But the AI prediction says, in the next 10 years AI is more likely to spread roots in various areas like:


  • Transport:


The future AI is going to bring us autonomous cars that will take us places without any human effort. It might take a decade to bring this idea to reality, but it is happening.


  • Mechanism:


AI-powered robots are going to work in human instruction to perform tasks like assemble and stacking. Also, predictive analytics sensors will keep equipment running smoothly.


  • Healthcare:


With the rise of AI in the field of healthcare, diseases will be easily diagnosed, drug discovery will get accelerated and more streamlined,  virtual nursing assistants will monitor patients and big data analysis will help in creating a more personalized patient experience.


  • Education:


With the help of AI, textbooks will be completely digitized and virtual instructors will help out human tutors in various teaching methods. And the best part is, the facial analysis will help them to understand students’ emotions so that they understand who is struggling with the studies and help them out.


  • Media:


In some places, the media has already started using AI. Bloomberg uses Cyborg technology to help make a quick sense of complex financial reports. The Associated Press will start employing the natural language abilities of Automated Insights to produce 3,700 earning reports stories per year.

When the future of AI looks so bright, you can understand how the AI certification will turn out to be a golden goose for you. Let’s discuss the benefits of an AI certification now.

AI Certification Benefits:

AI certification comes with a lot of perks. We have listed the 5 top AI certification benefits here for you:


  • Showcase your expertise:


Once you are AI certified, you will be one of those handfuls of people who can easily handle the automation process for their organization. Nowadays, 64% of business practices depend on AI applications to increase their productivity. Also, with the help of AI, you’ll be able to solve complex business problems like fraud detection, medical diagnosis, etc. Hence, by creating a direct impact on an organization’s productivity, you’ll be able to showcase your expertise.


  • Learn to build smarter systems:


Performing mundane tasks are usually very tiresome. Implementing AI for monotonous routine tasks can help the organizations focus on the most important tasks in our to-do list. For example, the Bank Of America uses a virtual assistant called Erica. Erica takes the help of AI and ML techniques to cater to the bank’s customer requirements and creates credit report updates, facilitating bill payments and helping customers with simple transactions. With a deep understanding of AI, you can build smart systems like this by yourself.


  •  Stay ahead of your career:


We already mentioned how the future looks with AI. So you understand, turning the predictions, in reality, is going to take an ampule amount of experts in that field. That’s why organizations are looking for AI experts in a heavy amount. Once you are AI certified, you’ll see a new career door opening right in front of your eyes!


  •  Enhance your understanding of AI:


Once you complete your AI certification, you will have have a deep understanding of principles and terminologies of human and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the best practices of Machine learning, how AI is part of ‘Universal Design,’ and ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, avoiding challenges of Artificial Intelligence, managing the risks of Artificial Intelligence and driving AI-based projects effectively. So, in this AI-based environment, we are living in, that is a need of the hour. Don’t you think? 

Jobs In Artificial Intelligence:

Now let’s come to the main point. What are the job opportunities you can possibly expect to have after the completion of your AI certification? We have listed the top 3 well-paid jobs of this year that you can grab with your AI certification!


  • Data Analyst:


Data Analysts have a strong understanding of data along with the knowledge of storing, managing and protecting it. According to, a Data Analyst earns $66,859 per year.

Source: Glassdoor



  • Big Data Architect:


Big Data Architects are the ones who develop an ecosystem that enables business systems to communicate with each other and collect data. 

In US, the average salary of a Big data architect is $136K per year.


  • Business Intelligence Developer:


Business Intelligence Developers play a vital role to improve the productivity and profitability of a business with the help of AI. 

In US, a Business Intelligence Developer gets $83,846 per year.


So you saw what value the AI certification creates in the era of automation. You also saw the huge dollar greens it can bring to you.

So, what say? Is it a certification worth spending money on?

If yes, then apply for our Certified Artificial Intelligence Foundation certification, before your competitors let themselves in!

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