IT Asset Manager Roles and Responsibilities

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Role of IT Asset Manager

Gartner has stated the responsibilities of an IT asset manager. He mentioned that very position contributes to bringing much-needed order to this complex ecosystem of IT asset management.

Gartner, Inc. is a research and advisory company with great minds working for them who continuously research pieces of advice, innovative tools, and methodologies that help build organizations. Gartner Inc. operates through Research, Consulting, and Conferences. 

According to Gartner, there are seven specific roles for an IT asset manager.

Plan, Set, and effectively Communicate Asset Purchasing Policies

The IT asset manager designs and executes asset management policies, procedures, and processes. Further, the IT asset manager also needs to specify the required policy which needs to be in place. He must see that these policies benefit the IT department and the entire organization. Besides identifying the most used apps and the one that needs to be renewed, the IT manager also needs to communicate the value of these policies to each business unit so that the best benefitting application can be identified and worked.

Reconcile Governance, Processes, and Reporting

IT asset manager coordinates with the management in utilizing the asset management tools to analyze, review and track asset data of the organization. As an IT asset manager, you must have a real-time report of who owns the app, how frequently the app is being utilized, which is a common and most used feature of the app, and what needs to be renewed. The reporting should be detailed enough to give the visibility of the data necessary for real-time analysis.

Determine, Evaluate and Compute risk

The IT asset manager is responsible for finding, assessing, and quantifying the risks in asset management. The IT asset manager is responsible for developing an asset control process to monitor accountability. The vigilance of the detailed report will give them an idea of the possible threats like data breaches, system hacking hacks, broken authentications by users, and many more similar threats. The IT asset manager is responsible for cataloguing the risks regularly to identify the impact of these vulnerabilities.

Facilitate and Trace solution and remediation

itam manager roles

Understanding the risk well opens up ways to resolve those risks. We all are aware that no system is infallible. Still, without a doubt, the risks or exposure to these risks for the IT assets could be drastically reduced if the IT asset manager has concurrent reporting across the organization. They are being an IT asset manager setting up the policies and ensuring that they are enforced. Also, when something does not go right is his core responsibility to look forward to enforcing the right set of policies. So planning ahead is necessary to avoid ad-hoc requests or requirements.

Assign asset responsibilities to employees

The IT manager is responsible to Manage asset reconciliation and asset disposal agreements. Besides, he is also required to educate associates about company policies and delegate as needed. The IT asset manager needs to sensibly assign assets to the employees closely associated with those assets and can monitor them easily. After the delegation, it is important to track whether or not everyone is on the same track. The IT asset manager should note that the earlier standards and policies are well enforced.

Track and record Compliance

After setting up the policies and delegation of the asset responsibilities for managing the assets, it is essential to keep a track record of the process to prove that everything is under control; the stakeholders will want to have a look at the logs for evidence. The detailed reports will justify your work as a successful and efficient IT manager. The information will be a repository for the organization to gauge the importance of IT asset management for the entire organization. This will ensure more excellent support from all departments of the organization once they see the importance of the IT asset management.

Maintain and share important Metrics to get Teamwork done

As an IT asset manager, you get the authority to lead and manage. Setting up goals for your team and making them work together to achieve the common goal is what you have to look for. The tolls and policies used by everyone in the organization prove that they are efficient and suitable to use in the longer run. As an IT manager, you need to communicate the value by sharing the key metrics that prove that things are working. Your detailed report will show the effective time management and productivity increase by the strict adherence to the IT asset management policies and processes.


You can clearly understand the difficulties of being an IT asset manager, but if you stick to Gartner’s recommendations, the process will become smoother and more manageable. There are various certifications available in the market, but the best one among them is GSDC IT Asset Management Foundation Certification. ITAM certificate will help you be an IT asset manager.

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