How Workplace Productivity Depends on Training and Development?


Hire Character. Train Skills – Peter Schutz

Human Resource isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that RUNS OUR BUSINESS. – Steve Wynn

As quoted above by Peter Schutz and Steve Wynn; we understand the significance of training and developing the workforce of the organization. Indeed, your most valuable asset is your employee workforce. So, periodically upgrading this asset is a must for the continuous growth of your organization.

When we talk about the relationship between Productivity and Training; it has been observed that productivity is directly related to training and developing the employees of the organization. Certainly, Training helps impart knowledge and skills in the employees, ultimately, increasing productivity.

Undeniably, your company needs to train employees on the various factors like, company working conditions, changing technology, positive attitude, self-motivation, leadership principles, favorable rules, regulations, policies, management skills, and career development opportunities.

When it comes to motivation, a motivated employee is always a positive and productive employee. Thus, training employees to keep a positive attitude and stay self-motivated, helps us make them super productive. Moreover, training increases the competence, job performance knowledge, Organization Management skills, technical advancements, and the practice of doing Right the First Time, leading to the increased productivity of the organization.

Assuredly, a well-trained workforce is a workforce with greater job satisfaction resulting in better engagement which impacts the productivity and growth of your organization. Undoubtedly, training them is your company’s investment for creating a world-class workforce. I have simplified the relationship between the Training and Productivity with the below points.

Relation Between Training and Productivity


Having the right skills is the key to performing any given task in any department of the organization. So having the right skills helps the work done in a fast and flawless manner.

Thus training the employees helps them have the right skills to perform their tasks well.

Cross Skilling :


Training helps the employees have an opportunity to get themselves cross-skilled in different verticals of the organization. This not only helps the employees for gaining better knowledge but, also helps the company in retaining and reusing the existing workforce; reducing the cost of rehiring.

Ultimately, the employees will have mastery of multiple skill sets in the organization resulting in increased productivity.

Upskilling helps in productivity:

An Upskilling is simply training or teaching the employees additional skills and improving the productivity and performance per employee. Upskilling helps in the career mapping of the employee and thus they get an opportunity to find different roles and openings within the organization.

Similarly, Upskilling helps the organization to fill the digital talent gap and fill the open positions which are created in the organization.

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A positive attitude is inculcated with Training, leading to an increase in Productivity :

positivity leads to productivity

The positivity starts with the within and the environment we live in. Training gives a positive attitude in the individual making him assertive towards the work and the surroundings. Hence, training helps motivate the employees to yield better productivity.

Training makes employees Technically advanced and Competitive; resulting in an increase in Production:

Technology is changing like never before. This rapid change and innovation in technology compel the industry to train its workforce on the latest technologies and tools to become competitive. Unquestionably, you have to admit the importance of technical training in the organization, as technology training is the best way to value and retain the workforce in this throat competitive market.

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Training helps build a Positive relationship between Management and Employees

The human resource is the biggest part of the organization it always needs to be handled with utter care and responsibility. Frequent interaction through Training is the best way to maintain a healthy and transparent relationship between the management and the organization. The relationship between the employees and the upper management helps in building a positive relationship between your Employees and Management.

Help Perform Right First Time :

right the first time

“Right the First Time” principle is simply to get the Right and Accurate output at the very first attempt of doing the task. This principle is to minimize the number of product or service issues that cause rework and extra work, avoiding scrap, change orders, delays and overheads. The right first time is achieved with proper process Training which ultimately reduces the cost, the overheads, and the delivery time, which fastens the productivity of your organization.

Conclusion :

On the whole, your company should emphasize the development of its human resource for making them a competitive world-class workforce. Also, as a matter of fact, the training and development of your Employees are a must for improving the professional level and personal qualities of your employees. Not only internal Training but also recognized Professional L&D certifications add more value to your workforce. GSDC’s CLDP course is one such course that adds to the value of your workforce and credibility to their profile.

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