Here is why you need to choose AI as profession due to COVID 19

Very little has been published on the fact that AI played a major role in the precautionary major during Pandemic COVID 19. March 2020 world went into lockdown phase with that the entire scientific community went into overdrive to understand the nature of the virus, major to stop the outbreak, and develop vaccine.

However, AI is been busily working behind the scene to help Governments, Scientists, and the general public. We have used AI technology from the simplest to complex form during this outbreak of COVID 19.

From glasses worn by a security guard to check hundreds of people without making human contact to robots cleaning public transit areas, it was all AI. In fact, it was BlueDot an AI algorithm designed by a Canadian company that alerted the world about the outbreak of COVID 19 almost 9 days before WHO released its statement on emergency. It is the same technology that predicted the spread of Zika virus to Florida six months before official reports in 2016.

AI guru Kai-Fu Lee stated 40% world will be automated due to the implementation of AI during a lecture at Northwestern University. In a way, Kai-Fu is saying that in the future there will be a huge demand for AI professionals in the IT industry especially considering the current situation.

Revolution of AI

Information technology is the major evolution in Humankind after the steam engine and electricity. Today we are experiencing the fourth revolution of Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence? AI artificial intelligence is nothing but a technology that makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs, and perform human-like tasks. AI wave came in the late 1930s. In 1970 one of the first anthropomorphic robots the web bought was built in Japan at Waseda University its features included moveable limbs’ ability to see and the ability to converse.

In 2016 Hansen created the first Humanoid robots that have a more humanlike feature like the ability to see, make facial expressions, and communicate. Apparently, first Humanoid Sophia became the first robot citizen very recently in 2016. If you are a DC fan then looks like your dream of Iron Man rescuing humans is about to come true very soon. No joke AI can surely make that happen. If you want to be part of the Team then go for the AI certification exam. Organizations like Apple launched Siri and amazon launched Alexa to make our lives easier.

Today AI is a part of our day-to-day existence and it is very difficult to escape it.

Industries that have a scope of Artificial Intelligence

Science and Research, Cyber Security, Healthcare, and Transport these are the industries that have major scope for Artificial Intelligence. AI algorithm calibre to handle a large quantity of data and process it quickly makes it very easy for organizations to work on a bigger platform.

We talked about BlueDot at the beginning of this article. It’s an amazing example of science and researches.  Basically, the BlueDot algorithm analysis over 100,000 reports daily in many languages and then sends out regular alerts to health care, government, business, and public health clients. This would have been impossible without AI. Cognitive AI in cyber security is helping organizations to detect threats as well as providing insides to make better.

Early diagnosis of any dieses is a key major to cure any patient. Deep Learning AI is able to process large amounts of data rapidly and produce reports about likely causes for symptoms. As a result, reduces the diagnosis-treatment-recovery cycle drastically. In 2018 global market for AI was $463 million but recent research by Tractica shows that AI in healthcare will exceed $8.1billion by 2015. The pandemic situation is all the more reason for the growth of AI in healthcare. Telehealth has come up as the need of the hour during the pandemic crises.

Honestly, it was in place even before COVID 19 happened however there was an on-going struggle to get it adopted. The Office for Civil Rights at the U.S Department of Health and Human Service lifted penalties for healthcare providers that use Telehealth. This was the best thing that happened during the COVID-19 considering Telehealth and the future of AI in Telehealth.

Imagine a hassle-free drive to any place, less time in traffic, and less fuel consumption with AI it is very much possible. AI is already been implemented in Aviation since 1912. What do you think Autopilot is? No doubt it’s an AI.

What is the Future of AI certification after COVID 19?

Although the tech industry is marching towards this new revolution for quite some time now, it wasn’t gaining popularity in a few sectors. However, this horrible pandemic situation turned out to be a blessing in disguise for AI professionals. Almost all small and middle-level organizations were forced to shift their business to the internet.

Take a look at the article on Google Duplex an AI to automate the calls to understand more. To minimize the hassle due to less manpower or work from home culture they had to rely on Chabot which is an AI. The point is it’s not only bigger organizations that will be looking at AI as a solution to automate majority work but also small-scale organizations will be equally interested to look at AI as a solution.

Hence, the need for AI professionals will be high. Burning Glass an organization that analyses millions of job postings from across the US estimated that the demand for AI professionals will increase by 40.1% in the coming years. The percentage could even rise if people become accustomed to digital life. It is clearly visible that the need for AI experts is on the rise.


Physical-world has come to a global pause during coronaviruses crises but the digital world has seen a boom. The newly emerged work from home culture demands more automation as well as the use of high-end technologies. It is obvious that the post COVID world is going to be a lot more AI-driven.

Not only because the technology has done remarkable work in research and analysis but also because of the people’s perspective towards AI technology is changed. The factors and researches we went through indicate that the Era demand AI.

This is the key reason why you should focus on the AI certification exam in this lockdown.  If you are working from home and have little time to learn something new then think about AI Certification Exam. If you wondering where to begin this journey? Then you should check the AI Foundation Certification here.

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