Empowering My Journey via Cyber Security Certification Path

Empowering My Journey via Cyber Security Certification Path

As the world rapidly evolves with the digital landscape, where cyber threats are increasing, the requirement for skilled cybersecurity professionals has become even higher. If you have a passion and hunger to learn continuously about technology with a keen eye for detail for saving businesses from malicious threats, then Cybersecurity could be an exciting and rewarding path for you. Here, the cyber security certification path is one of the significant factors you must follow.

Today, we will explore Lisa’s journey of completing the certification in cybersecurity expertise, along with the various opportunities and benefits that await you and what challenges might occur along the way.  

My name is Lisa Joseph, and I am excited to share my cyber security certification path for becoming a GSDC-certified cybersecurity professional. I had a burning desire to become an expert in Cybersecurity, and this is the reason I decided to build my career in this field. 

Motivated by a passion for technology and a commitment to safeguarding digital landscapes, I was looking for the best cybersecurity certification. The call to adventure echoes through online forums, job postings, and the cybersecurity community, which helped me understand its core practices and validate my skills. I completed the GSDC Certified Cybersecurity Foundation

Begin with Cyber Security Certification Path

Let’s explore Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the process of leveraging technologies and practices to defend electronic data, systems, networks and programs from unauthorized criminal use. The primary goals of Cybersecurity are digital privacy, disaster mitigation and data protection.

There are different technologies and processes which make up the full suite of cyber security methods that are developed and designed to reduce breaches and defend against attackers seeking to gain access to, alter, destroy or extort sensitive consumer satisfaction. 

Here, it’s also the critical safeguard in recovering quickly and effectively from attacks that aim to block, disrupt or remove a business’s ability to operate its systems.

After exploring these factors, I decided to pursue the Cybersecurity Foundation Certification as a cybersecurity professional. After this, I started to look at how it works and its functionalities.

Now, explore the principles of the same by visiting our What are the Principles of Cyber Security? 

How does Cybersecurity Works?

Cybersecurity is a comprehensive system of technologies, processes, and practices designed to safeguard digital systems, networks, and data from unauthorized access, attacks, and damage. It operates on multiple layers to create a robust defence mechanism.

Firstly, preventive measures involve the implementation of firewalls, antivirus software, and secure access controls to address potential threats. Regular software updates and patch management are crucial to address vulnerabilities.

Secondly, detection mechanisms utilize advanced technologies like intrusion detection systems and machine learning algorithms to identify anomalous activities or patterns indicative of a cyber threat. Real-time monitoring allows for rapid response.

Thirdly, responsive actions involve immediate countermeasures upon detecting a cybersecurity incident. This may include isolating affected systems, blocking malicious activities, and deploying incident response teams.

Finally, continuous improvement is vital. Regular assessments, vulnerability scans, and cybersecurity awareness training ensure that defences evolve to counter emerging threats. Collaboration with the broader cybersecurity community through information sharing enhances collective resilience against evolving cyber risks. In essence, Cybersecurity is a dynamic and proactive approach to safeguarding digital assets in the ever-evolving landscape of cyberspace.

What Cyber Security Certification Path did I Follow?

One thing I had known is that, while most experts have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, many organizations prefer individuals who also have the certifications to validate their knowledge and skills.

This was a challenging factor for me due to a lot of certifications available on online platforms, but I was able to understand which one I needed to select. But after so much research, I finally decided to go with GSDC’s cybersecurity foundation certification due to its authenticity and expert training. 

Explore GSDC Cyber Security Foundation Certification

The cybersecurity certification path is the roadmap for the list of credentials you must have to accomplish better outcomes as compared to those individuals who don’t have any. 

Following the path was beneficial for me in different ways. For example, I have learned and upgraded my skills and knowledge. My employment probability is increasing, and I have gained more clarity and mastery in the cybersecurity field, etc.

  • At the onset, I delved into a variety of cybersecurity certifications, meticulously assessing each option. After a thorough evaluation, I settled on the GSDC Certification, thoroughly examining the curriculum and learning resources.
  • Once enrolled, I diligently embarked on the certification journey, dedicating substantial time to practice and immersing myself in the comprehensive learning materials furnished by GSDC.
  • The culmination of my efforts led me to rigorous exam preparation. Successfully navigating the exam challenges, I achieved and proudly secured my well-deserved certification.

This is my cyber security certification path, where I completed step-by-step learning, and it helps me a lot to understand the core of it. 

Challenges I faced through the Cyber Security Certification Path

While completing this certification, I faced different hurdles. Most of the time, I was able to understand some factors and practices of Cybersecurity. So, I started to research a lot on some factors, which helped me a lot, and I also looked for real-time examples. 

Also, the trainers provided me with great support and helped me to clear out my doubts. They provided me with learning material, which helped me along with the strong examples. 

While facing the challenges, I also discovered the essentialness of allies and mentors within the cybersecurity community. There are different forums, study groups and online platforms that have become invaluable sources of support and vital knowledge for me. 

Cyber Security Foundation Certification Exam

The climax of my journey was the exam. Nervous yet resolute, I enter the digital battlefield armed with knowledge, skills, and invaluable experience gained throughout their expedition. The exam becomes a crucible, testing not only technical expertise but also the mettle forged through countless hours of study and practice.

The exam format of GSDC was great. There were 40 MCQ multiple-choice questions, and I needed to score a minimum of 65% of the total marks to pass the test. There was no negative marking system, which was an exciting factor for me. 

How Cyber Security Certification Helped Me?

  • Completing cybersecurity certification helped me with job opportunities. 
  • Earning the cybersecurity certification helped me explore new job roles, supported me in setting my professional goals, and mapped the professional pathway. 
  • Having experience in this field and this certification helped me understand the trends and patterns involved in the latest cybersecurity practices. 
  • It also contributes to increasing my salary. 

I also encountered with Gen AI in Cybersecurity and it was fascinating due to its demand, to understand more make sure to check A Broader View of Generative AI in Cybersecurity


I hope that the above short glimpse helps you to understand my journey in cybersecurity certification. While completing this certification, I have also built new networks of professionals who are experts in this field. 

You just need to decide what you have to do with your professional career and start to work on it. Thanks for reading my journey and making sure to go through GSDC, as they provide a different range of certifications. 

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