Effective Partnership Strategy

Future of Jobs by 2025 85 million jobs may be displaced by a shift in the division of labor between humans and machines. 94% of business leaders report that they may expect employees to pick up new skills on the job.

Learning and development a vital role because the companies that invest in upskilling their employees make far better business outcomes.

Do you consider yourself an order taker? If yes, then this is the time to make the change and make a choice to become a trusted advisor in order to be one let’s see what needs to be done.

In the past L&D has delivered training services upon demand after a strategy has been defined.

What does the future hold for you:

  • Initiate conversation
  • Discover, articulate and define training needs
  • Earn the right to participate in business conversation

Essential components of successful L&D strategy

Integration of L&D interventions into HR processes and Systems

Co-ownership between business units, HR and L&D

Alignment with Business strategy

Measurement of the impact of business performance 

Measurement of the impact of business performance

Need to measure 3 different parts of the organization

  • The learner
  • Co-owners, Business Leaders, and Managers
  • Our own selves

Adoption of latest learning technology applications

Host of Solutions – Virtual classroom, mobile learning apps and a lot more

Key factors that will make you a trusted adviser to Business?


Secret Sauce of Success: RT-PCR Test

R –  Relationship Management
T – Technology – Platform/Sandbox/Labs
P – Partnering with ecosystem
C – Consultation
R – Readiness of Content

Ask these 5 ‘R’s

  • Are you having a Growth Mindset?
  • Are you willing to learn, unlearn & Re-learn?
  • Are you willing to adopt new technologies?
  • Are you open to new Partnerships?
  • Are you welcoming Experiments and allowing room for failure?

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What is Net Learning Gain?

  • It allows us to measure if the learner has understood the program

Net Promoter score

  • Net promoter score is applied for the learner and the stakeholder.

Questions for the Stakeholders?

  • What is going well?
  • Where do we have scope for improvement?

Questions for the Learners?

  • Would you recommend it to anybody else?
  • It also has the comments section which is important to be filled.

The result is measured after 90 days to check if the learning is applied to perform better at the job.

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