Certifications To Become A Blockchain Professionals

certification to become a blockchain professional


Remember the time when Flash gained the superpower of speed after getting struck by lightning?

He was not being able to understand how to control them and utilize them in proper ways. Then, with proper training and guidance, he became the fastest man alive!

That is the same thing with Blockchain Technology as well. No matter how much knowledge you have gained about Blockchain, you’ll only become a Blockchain Professionals once you have a certification.

In our previous blog, we showed you how a smart city can be built depending on the Blockchain Technology. If you aim to convert your own city to a Blockchain driven town as well, you have to be a Certified Blockchain Professionals.

In today’s blog, we are going to share some knowledge about the steps you’ll have to cover before doing that.

Blockchain Technology is a vast field when it comes to learning about it. Hence, there is a lot of areas in which you can get your certification done. But what are the topmost Blockchain Certifications which are in demand right now? Let’s have a look into that!

Top Blockchain Certifications for Blockchain Professional:

A Blockchain Certification gives you the power of building blockchain-based applications for businesses.

To crack that, you have to undergo Blockchain Training and Courses.

We have listed a few courses to become Blockchain Professional for you.

Certified Blockchain Professional:

Certified Blockchain Professionals Certification is specially designed for Blockchain Engineers, Banking Professionals, Financial Analysts, Database Administrators, etc.

Once an individual has completed this course, he will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities for transformation/disruption via Blockchain including emerging opportunities in Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and DAOs.
  • Develop enterprise-focused use-case and determine Blockchain governance, business model, customer experience, partner/channel impacts.
  • Develop the Blockchain Lean Canvas and Blockchain business case for the Proof-of-Concept/MVP development.

Wondering how should you prepare for Certified Blockchain Professional Certification?

Well, coding says the last word when it comes to Blockchain Technology! So, if you are someone who can make the codes talk, you are almost close to your blockchain expert certification already!

Though, there are a few more criteria you need to fulfill before going for the certification:

  1. The methods of cryptography
  2. Vast knowledge about data structure elements
  3. Platforms and frameworks like Hash graph, Hyperledger, etc
  4. Smart contract enablers like Truffle suite
  5. Front and backend web development, handling APIs, requests, Dapps based interactive GU interfaces, etc.

Blockchain Architect Certification:

Certified Blockchain Architect Certification is designed for Solution Architects, Operations and Technology Specialists, Database Administrators, and Technologists.

A Blockchain Architect is responsible for creating and selecting the most appropriate architecture for a system that will suit the business needs.

The Certified Blockchain Architect Program is to validate the candidate’s knowledge about underpinnings of varying Blockchain technologies coupled with a current perspective into industry regulation and standards.

Here are a few skills you need to acquire to become a Blockchain Architect:

  1. Data Architecture
  2. Knowledge about Data Structure
  3. Web Development
  4. Smart Contracts
  5. Cryptography

Blockchain Ethereum Developer:

Blockchain Ethereum Developer certification is indeed another important Blockchain Certification which can make you race ahead of your generation in today’s time!

Ethereum is a global, decentralized platform for money and new kinds of applications. On Ethereum, you can write code that controls money, and build applications accessible at any place of the world.

If you take up this particular Blockchain Training, after the certification you’ll be able to:

  1. Plan and prepare production-ready applications for the Ethereum Blockchain.
  2. Code an Ethereum Blockchain.
  3. Write, test, and deploy secure Solidity smart contracts.
  4. Understand and work with Ethereum fees.
  5. Work within the bounds and limitations of the Ethereum blockchain.
  6. Use the essential tooling and systems needed to work with the Ethereum ecosystem.

Also, you will be surprised to know, in order to get your Blockchain Ethereum Developer’s certification done, you don’t need a list of skillset. All you need to be well versed in are Object-Oriented Programming languages. Isn’t this amazing?

Blockchain Hyperledger Developer:

Blockchain Hyperledger Developer certification is specially curated for Programmers, Developers, Software Engineers, Application Architects, Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts, and Blockchain Engineers.

The Hyperledger Foundation is an industry association tasked with developing enterprise managed blockchain solutions. Unlike protocols like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Hyperledger projects are designed for traditional businesses trying to improve internal data integrity, collaboration and bring IT to cost down in the long run.

Once you are a Certified Blockchain HyperLedger Professional, you will be able to:

  1. Understand why Blockchain is needed and where
  2. Explore the major components of Blockchain
  3. Learn about Hyperledger Fabric v1.1 and the structure of the Hyperledger Architecture
  4. Learn the features of the Fabric model including chain code, SDKs, Ledger, Security and Membership Services
  5. Perform comprehensive labs on writing chaincode
  6. Explore the architecture of Hyperledger Fabric v1.1
  7. Understand and perform in-depth labs on Bootstrapping the Network
  8. Gain a detailed understanding of the benefits, components, and architecture of Hyperledger Composer
  9. Learn Hyperledger Explorer and Hyperledger Composer Playground
  10. Perform comprehensive labs to integrate/develop an application with
  11. Hyperledger Fabric running a smart contract
  12. Build applications on Hyperledger Fabric v1.1

Things you need to know before going for Blockchain HyperLedger Certification? It’s the same as Blockchain Ethereum Developer. All you need to do is rock the Object-Oriented Programming.


There is no easier way to become a Blockchain Professional other than getting yourself a Blockchain Certification!

All you need to think about now is where can you get your certification done. Have you given a thought about GSDC yet? If not, find out here about the certifications they are providing.

Are you ready to be the Techiest man alive with the Blockchain Certification in your hand?

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