Agile Scrum Master Roles and Responsibilities

Scrum is the most popular framework used by organizations. Additionally, Scrum is preferred by organizations using agile methodology. The greatest advantage of Agile Scrum is that it does not mandate a sequence of steps a team must follow. Agile provides greater flexibility in the process to deliver better quality and competitive products in the market. 

Below mentioned are some of the Roles and Responsibilities of Agile Scrum Master.

Clear obstacles 

The Scrum master clears the obstacles for the developers when they find any dependence or challenge in completing the sprint task. The scrum master keeps track of Interruptions, and challenges like these will often appear during the product development process. The Scrum Master conducts team meetings daily to get updates on the project’s progress, notice any hurdle and help the project to be on track.

Organization skills within the Team 

Managing and prioritizing the task within the team is a crucial role of a scrum master. The Scrum Master helps to keep the team on track. Facilitating other scrum events also falls under the responsibilities of the scrum master. Scrum master does the sprint planning session, where they discuss the high priority tasks. Listening actively to the scrum master helps the team to collect correct information; this allows participants to complete the projects by prioritizing the most critical job to the least important ones.

Implement best Practices

Right from creating and on boarding project teams, the scrum master also trains them to have a clear vision of the product. The scrum master communicates effectively with the stakeholders, monitors projects, manages timelines, accepts feedback and promotes an agile project management system.

Bridge the gap between Management and Development

The scrum master helps in saving the time of the product developers. The proper strategy selection, managing the priorities or making the right decisions will help keep the time and efforts of the team. In an agile organization, the scrum master reduces the risks of any wrong decisions that could be made due to the lack of vigilance of the scrum master. Moreover, the scrum master acts as the communication bridge between product management and development. The scrum master has to be influential by working collaboratively with the product owner and product management team.

Lead through influence and credibility

Scrum master does not have any absolute authority. Thus, he is also known as the team coach or agile coach. Building credibility with the team will help the scrum master succeed in his role over time. Thus, influencing them by being the ideal role model, timely coaching the team to work more effectively within the Scrum framework, and being accessible to the team by often communicating and engaging with them for various activities. Sometimes the scrum master has to take the blame, as the scrum master is the facilitator, so the failure will be partially blamed on you. 

Addressing team dynamics and a Productive work environment

Team dynamics are therefore the unconscious, psychological factors that influence the pattern of a team’s behavior and performance. Team dynamics should be treated well and managed well by the scrum master to delegate the right work at the right time for the right project. Managing team dynamics better will help improve things like creativity, productivity and effectiveness 


Although the scrum master does not have any direct authority, he plays a very influential role in today’s modern organization. Scrum Master is responsible for the team’s creativity, productivity, and effectiveness by adopting and implementing agile methods to improve the quality of the deliverables. A scrum master possesses a considerable role and responsibilities, and to make a lucrative career in this field you can take the Agile Scrum Master Certification.In this course, you will be introduced to the concepts and best practices and gain the required expertise in Agile and Scrum to pass the official industry exam.

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