5 Reasons Why Lean Six Sigma Certification Makes Your CV Shine


What is the point of doing a Six Sigma certification if it doesn’t increase you potentially so that you get hired in one go?

Exactly! There is no point. You get certified to upskill yourself. And why do you up skill yourself? To get a big fat pay cheque at the end of month. Isn’t it?

A Six Sigma certification can do two things for you. Either it boosts up your position in your current organization, or it makes your CV look attractive in the eyes of your next organization. So, let’s talk about the 2nd point now. Shall we?

In this blog, we are going to tell you what a Six Sigma certification can do about your hire ability and the career opportunities of 6 Sigma. Before we start with that, let us tell you a little bit about Six Sigma certifications.

You are well aware of Six Sigma, right? To brief it to you, Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process management. It was introduced by American engineer Bill Smith while working in Motorola. Lean Six Sigma certifications have 3 categories:

  •  Yellow Belt: This certification is basically for beginners, practitioners, and executives who want a better understanding of Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Green Belt: This certification suits senior management, team leaders, ITSM process managers, software professionals, project managers, QA engineers, software QA engineers.
  • Black Belt: Both the graduates and the working professionals can go for this one. But people who want to go for a Six Sigma Black Belt certification should have working experience in the Lean Six Sigma field.

So, now that you know about the certifications, you would be able to decide by yourself that which certification would be suitable for you. You might ask now,

“Does Six Sigma Certification increases salary?”


“Can a Six Sigma Certification get me a job?”

Hence, here’s what you can do with a 6Sigma certification!

Advantages of Lean Six Sigma Certification:

Along with process management, Six Sigma can do a lot of stuff to an organization. But how can a Six Sigma certification can make you rise and shine in your career? We fetched out a few reasons to go for it:

1.Reduced Risks For Any Organization:

Six Sigma is a systematic, data-driven methodology to eliminate waste and detect the errors perfectly. Once these two are done, the risk factors of any project get decreased automatically.

Previous year Six Sigma helped General Electrics notch above 1 Billion USD. Can you believe that?

Once you are Lean Six Sigma certified, you will be able to analyze and understand the risk factors of any organization you are working for. The errors of a process can bring down the level of customer satisfaction. With the help of all the Six Sigma knowledge you have gained out of the certification, you can eliminate the root cause of that. Hence, the organization can show the face of increased revenue.

2.Increased Value In Every Industry:

Along with IT industries, a lot of other industries also have been benefitted by Six Sigma over the period of time. Aerospace, electronics, HR, marketing, banking and financial services, telecom, even food and beverage organizations like Starbucks have set an example in implementing Six Sigma methodologies to their organizations and being profitable while using it.

So, if you had this question in your mind that “Can a Six Sigma Certification Get Me a Job?”– there are plenty of options you can choose from.

3. Hands-on Experience In Quality Management:

Once you hold a Six Sigma certification, you will be able to handle all the business projects to manage their quality and improve them. It will give you the experience to implement Six Sigma principles into a real-life scenario. And that happens even before you start working for an organization or a project. Also, you will get a good opportunity to see how the ROI (Return on Investment) actually works while using Six Sigma principles. Don’t you think it is surprising?



4. Excellent Salary:

From the previous pointers, you already got this right that Six Sigma certification is going to provide you a truckload of money. Isn’t it?

A survey of indeed.com shows, the Six Sigma certified professionals can come under $100,000 pay bracket on an average. Also, did you know Six Sigma job profiles fall under the highest-paid job profiles across the globe? We bet you didn’t!


5. Scopes To The Managerial Position:

            Have you been looking forward to seeing yourself as a project manager for a long time?

Well, Six Sigma certification can do that to you! Once you finish the certification, you will be able to take control of risk management and financial management activities. Not only this, since you will possess a clear understanding of measuring and qualifying financial benefits from executing any Six Sigma project.


One harsh truth of any business is, most of the customers don’t come back to the business because of bad employee behavior. Once you hold the Six Sigma certification, you will have the power to handle that. And what else can be a better Six Sigma employment opportunity apart from that, right?

Still confused about which certification is going to be perfect for you? Check all of them right here, decide, and go for it!

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