3 In-demand Blockchain Jobs to Shape Your Career In 2020

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“How do I create a career in Blockchain after I’ve completed the certification?” and “land a in-demand blockchain job?” 

After going through all of our previous blogs, you might be wondering about this right now. You have expertise in programming languages like C++ and solidity, you know all about Cryptocurrency and Data structure, you know this certification is going to shape you to finest. But to achieve what exactly?

Well, let us tell you the power of Blockchain with a simple metaphor. If you have read the DC comics, you must be aware of Darkseid. Darkseid is the antagonist who is the most powerful person of the entire DC universe. Omega rays, speed, increasing his physical size, power of telepathy, creating a psionic avatar, corrupting the multiverse- the power of Darkseid has no end. Alone, he doesn’t only outrun the entire Justice League, but can destroy them!

Anyway, you are not here to read the dark sagas of Darkseid, we understand. The reason I mentioned him, is because when it comes to trending technologies, Blockchain Technology takes the place of the Tech-Darkseid. Not in the negative sense, but in the sense of the hidden powers it holds within. There are various fields where Blockchain can be used and hence, a vast field for you to try your hands on.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about those Blockchain career opportunities which you never thought to be a thing along with some common ones. Before we start with it, we want to ask you a simple question- Why are you interested in working in the Blockchain industry? Once you know this answer, fetching out an opportunity from the below-mentioned ones will be easier for you.

In our previous blogs, we have mentioned the fields where Blockchain Technology can actually be used. Blockchain can create smart contracts, build up strong cybersecurity, generate id proofs- once used properly, Blockchain can build an entire Smart city.

But if we are talking about jobs in the Blockchain industry, there are some well-curated job profiles you might like to know about:

Blockchain Project Manager:

Does it sound a little bit superficial? Well, you should be aware of the ways Blockchain can bring a revolution in the field of project management first, then.

A smart contract is the most talked-about application of Blockchain Technology. A smart contract is a computer code that runs by logic. When it comes to Project management, smart contracts can be used for an automatic payment process for vendors, consultants, and freelancers. Also, smart contracts can help project managers to keep track of the teammates’ performance as well.

Hence, you can understand, Blockchain project managers are the ones who handle all Blockchain-related project needs of an organization. They act as intermediates between business professionals and blockchain app developers. To work as a Blockchain Project Manager, you need to have strong management skills along with the intelligence of converting technical terms into simple layman’s language because you’d be connecting technical people to non-technical people.

If you are thinking if this Blockchain career path is going to help you or not then let us tell you, according to a report of Howtotoken, top position holders in Blockchain project management get $125K per year.

Are you thinking of considering this career option now?



Blockchain Web Developer:

Well, this one is not anything new. Blockchain web developers have been dominating the stage ever since Blockchain Technology has become the trend. Let’s check out how Blockchain impacts the field of web development.

Blockchain can help in creating a high standard of transparency and incorruptibility. Since every Blockchain revalidates its content in every ten minutes, to successfully corrupt any data, the user will have to override the entire network.

Blockchain encrypts each and every transaction. With this nature, conversations with your clients and leads via chatbot can be secured. Blockchain provides a distributed cloud service as well.

Seems like if you want to go for it, you’ll have a lot of interesting things to do! Isn’t it? But let us warn you, with huge job satisfaction comes bigger responsibilities. If you want to build your career as a Blockchain web developer, you need to be a pro both in Blockchain Technology and Web development. But is there a demand for Blockchain web developers?

Of course, there is! Else why do you think a Blockchain web developer will draw $ 110K per year?

Blockchain Legal Consultant:

This one is especially for them who have this question in mind- “How to build my career in blockchain as a non-technical person?”

Can Blockchain Technology and legal profession work hand on hand? How is that even possible?

Though so many guidelines are available now for the implementation of Blockchain, sometimes the firms those are just trying their hands on it, get confused about the integration part of it. There is where a Blockchain legal consultant and attorney’s work starts.

Legal consultants provide the business owners and the blockchain developers with legal advice on how to build a smart contract and legal partnership along with that, put money in the initial coin offering development efficiently, handle transactions in a Blockchain-based program. Basically, they help the organization to grab bigger achievements through the Blockchain implementation.

Let us tell you, this blockchain job’s demand is getting higher day by day. Of course, it’s hard to find someone who is specialized in the Blockchain field and also holds a law degree.

So what do you think? Suitable to consider as a career option?



Take Away:

After knowing about these amazing career paths, I hope at least you won’t keep asking yourself again and again- “Is blockchain a good career choice?”

As your all doubts are cleared, it’s the time to prepare yourself to opt for one of the abovementioned career opportunities. How you may ask? Simple! Go for a Blockchain Certification, and roll the dice of your career fortune!

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