2 Case Studies That Will Make You Go DevOps

devops casestudy

“This new year, your organization should definitely switch to DevOps culture!”

If someone should have advised you this, would you have taken the advice immediately?

Of course not!

Implementing a DevOps culture sounds very soothing. A combination of the Development and Operations team is always the best idea!

But cultural shift always takes a lot of time, money, and effort. And that’s what makes you doubtful. Isn’t it? What if afterward a sudden realization called “This is not worth it” hits you hard?”

Also, you must be thinking “DevOps and real-life issues, do they really go hand in hand?”

In this blog, we’re going to talk about a few DevOps live examples where the cultural shift to DevOps made 3 organizations come out with flying colors. Let us know if the DevOps success stories have made you change your mind!

When it comes to DevOps culture, there are 4 key elements which you need to look after:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Rules of engagement
  • Pre-mortem
  • Retrospectives

Let’s see how DevOps practice projects have got benefitted from it!


You must have heard this name a million times before if you are working in the corporate sector. If case you haven’t, then let us tell you about this organization in brief first.

DocuSign is an organization that developed the e-sign technology back in 2003. Nowadays, DocuSign helps its clients to connect and automate the way of preparing, signing, acting on and managing the agreements.

Previously, DocuSign development used to follow the Agile methodology. It was helping the customer feedback collection and small, rapid releases. For the first few years, it was good. Soon they started to realize that the Development team and Operations team have no collaboration at all. Not only this, the authority figured out most of the failures are happening for this core reason itself. Hence, they made a switch to DevOps culture.

Remember how we mentioned before that real-world DevOps is not at all a cakewalk? DocuSign’sDevOps implementation case study as well is no exception. Also, the nature of their business demands continuous integration and delivery. Which is a serious challenge which can only be solved by the DevOps culture.

Now, for an organization that lives and dies for the transaction when it comes to signature and approval if anything goes wrong that would be a very serious issue. DevOps culture gifted the modern fast-paced delivery speed which even got better when they leveraged an application mock for their internal API.

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In the era of Netflix, you can hardly find someone who doesn’t have a subscription over there. Isn’t it?

In the third quarter of 2019, Netflix had over 158 million subscribers. But they were facing a little bit of trouble with all the transaction and registration going on. And that kept happening until recently, when they switched to a DevOps culture.

How it panned out for them you may wonder? Let’s hear the full story from the people who have been there with Netflix since the beginning, then.

“Our journey to the cloud at Netflix began in August of 2008, when we experienced a major database corruption and for three days could not ship DVDs to our members. That is when we realized that we had to move away from vertically-scaled single points of failure, like relational databases in our datacenter, towards highly reliable, horizontally-scalable, distributed systems in the cloud” stated Yury Izrailevsky, the VP of cloud computing operations of Netflix.

After this, Netflix switched to AWS for a really long time. Then, on the Christmas eve of 2012 Netflix faced a partial outage that lasted for hours. This outage was basically a fault of AWS. Whereas an hour of an outage can cost Netflix $200,000; this was definitely a cause of headache for them. That’s when they decided to move to a DevOps culture.

It took them a little while to build up the DevOps culture. But as soon as they adopted it, the development and operations team started working together to find a solution to some potential fault. DevOps culture promoted frequent releases, high automation, and software reliability.


Even after going through all these DevOps real-life examples, the thought of switching to a DevOps culture is completely scary. We agree. You might even think- “What is the future of DevOps culture? Is shifting to DevOps culture is going to be a long term investment?”

We have a suggestion for that as well. Why don’t you go for a Our certification and learn all about it before thinking of implementing it?

So yeah,let DevOps keep you upskilled till the time we fetch something for you to read again!

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